January Mother’s Circle


Mother’s Circle is on February 17th at 7:45 pm via Zoom (Eastern Time)

Live circles are coming soon!

Join Olive & Bloom’s first Mother’s Circle as we come together and honor this very crazy but beautiful thing called motherhood. This circle is entirely open for sharing whatever is on your mind about the ever-changing world of being a parent. If you are not in the mood for sharing that evening, you can choose to be present and offer love and support to others.

The Mother’s Circle was created to offer a “village” to moms, a safe, unbias place to share with others. We must learn to honor where we are without comparison or fear of judgment. Each month we will be working towards minimizing our loads, learning to ask for help, and recognizing our limits. We ALL are bloomin’ deserving of help and support.

All ages of Mothers are welcome.

**With respect to all attendees, what happens in the circle, stays in the circle. The circle is a safe, judgment-free space where we honor the privacy of all. The only instance of breaking that confidentiality is if someone is in harm’s way or will harm others.

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