Moth & Moon Women’s Circle (March New Moon)


Moth & Moon New Moon Women’s Circle is on March 21st at 7:30 pm via Zoom (Eastern Time)

Live circles are coming soon!

Join the Moth & Moon Women’s Circle to mark the new moon in Aries on March 21st! 

At the start of each lunar cycle, when the moon is dark, we gather to plant the seeds of our blooming. 

New moons are a time to set in motion all that we want to manifest in our lives. Just as the moon grows, she supports us in growing into the next best version of ourselves. We cannot see the moon during these days, but she remains. 

Likewise, we rest in the knowledge that we carry within us all of the possibilities of our dreams – even if they are yet unseen in waking life.

While each Moth & Moon Women’s Circle is a unique experience, our gatherings honor the moon’s phase – as well as our own. In addition, circles incorporate magical rituals and healing tools, which may include…

Crystals, essential oils, divination, energy cleansing, releasing work, meditation, Reiki, energetic moon bathing, as well as sharing, support, affirmation, love, and more! 

**With respect to all attendees, what happens in the circle, stays in the circle. The circle is a safe, judgment-free space where we honor the privacy of all. The only instance of breaking that confidentiality is if someone is in harm’s way or will harm others.

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1 review for Moth & Moon Women’s Circle (March New Moon)

  1. Julia Barton

    Highly recommend. I have attended multiple Moth & Moon ceremonies and they keep getting better.
    The online events are full of connection, energy, shares and tips. The added bonus of having cards pulled is just the icing on top!
    See you at the next one!
    ~Leanne Smith

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