Moth & Moon Women’s Circle (May Full Moon)


Moth & Moon Full Moon Women’s Circle is on May 15th at 6:30 pm via Zoom (Eastern Time)

Live circles are coming soon!

Join the Moth & Moon Women’s Circle to mark the full moon in Scorpio on May 15! 

We honor this full moon eclipse amid the spring blooms and vibrant new life. Full moons bring the powerful energy of completion, illumination, and intuition. A full moon total eclipse just amplifies that power. A full moon total eclipse in Scorpio? WOW! 

Are you ready?

Ready for…breakthrough, transformation, radical shifts? Whether you are or not, the moon will have her way. Connect with your deepest magic to say ‘yes’ to this energy and allow your soul to advance along its endless journey with grace. 

With full moons, we release what is no longer serving us. It is a time to give thanks for all we have been while expanding into what we shall become. The divine feminine reaches out to us, taking our hand and leading us to our destiny. 

This dynamic energy could wash us away in its force if we are not grounded and focused. Set an intention for gentle but insistent growth and lean into your unfolding. 


**With respect to all attendees, what happens in the circle, stays in the circle. The circle is a safe, judgment-free space where we honor the privacy of all. The only instance of breaking that confidentiality is if someone is in harm’s way or will harm others.

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