Moth & Moon Women’s Circle (May New Moon)


Moth & Moon New Moon Women’s Circle is on May 30th at 6:30 pm via Zoom (Eastern Time)

Live circles are coming soon!

Join the Moth & Moon Women’s Circle to mark the new moon in Gemini on May 30! 

After the intense, even chaotic, energy of the last few weeks, this new moon is like a calming, easy breeze from the cosmos! Gemini encourages us to turn outward, just as the approaching summer brings out our social side. We may feel a deeper need for connection, particularly as so many of us continue to unspool back into relationships after the constraints of the pandemic era. 

Gemini supports us in reconvening our tribes. 

New moons are rebirths. We can evaluate our goals and intentions to recalibrate. This moment in the moon’s endless cycling offers us an opportunity to connect once again with our deepest truths, ever seeking our authentic selves. 

Holding the energy of communication, this Gemini moon wants us to whisper our desire into the ear of the vibrant land, knowing she will nurture our secret until the time of our blooming. 

What do you want to manifest in the coming weeks or months? Bring your intention to the circle and dance in the loving arms of this moon.


**With respect to all attendees, what happens in the circle, stays in the circle. The circle is a safe, judgment-free space where we honor the privacy of all. The only instance of breaking that confidentiality is if someone is in harm’s way or will harm others.

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