Moth & Moon Women’s Circle ( November Full Moon, Virtual)

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Moth & Moon Full Moon Women’s Circle is on November 27th  at 7:30 pm Eastern Time, virtual.

Join the Moth & Moon Women’s Circle to mark the full frost moon in Gemini happening on November 27th! 

Since ancient times, the full moon has been a potent ally to human consciousness. Millennia of magic, myth, and folklore have informed our understanding of Earth’s cosmic companion – and ourselves. The full moon provides light amidst the night’s darkness, guides our dreams, and tempts even the most rational imagination. 

At the height of its growth cycle, the full moon is a time to honor what has been, give thanks, and then release what no longer serves us. 

The moon comes into fullness and pauses for a moment to honor her completion, and then…she lets go. Each month, with grace and gratitude, she allows her own bright beauty to fade until she is once again ready to be reborn. 

The full moon teaches us that it is good to ease our clenched fists and allow the old to make way for what wants to emerge.

Each Moth & Moon Women’s Circle is an experience all its own. Our gatherings honor the unique aspects of each moon – and each other. They can include various magical rituals and healing tools, such as…

Crystals, essential oils, divination, energy cleansing, releasing work, meditation, Reiki, energetic moon bathing, as well as sharing, support, affirmation, love, and more!

**With respect to all attendees, what happens in the circle stays in the circle. The circle is a safe, judgment-free space where we honor the privacy of all. The only instance of breaking that confidentiality is if someone is in harm’s way or will harm others.

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2 reviews for Moth & Moon Women’s Circle ( November Full Moon, Virtual)

  1. Julia Barton

    Highly recommend. I have attended multiple Moth & Moon ceremonies, and they keep getting better.
    The online events are full of connection, energy, shares, and tips. The added bonus of having cards pulled is just the icing on top!
    See you at the next one!
    ~Leanne Smith

  2. Kate Tunney

    Great space to be heard, learn about energetic healing crystals and oils, and connect with other women! Great book recommendations, yea, and energy healing activities too. Highly recommend!!

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