Depression Lied To Me


Depression is a liar. The whispers we hear that tell us we’re not enough; the doubts and judgments that we cast upon ourselves; the belief that we cannot rise, no matter what we do…

These are the lies spoken by Depression. But what if those lies were called out? What if those who were silenced by Depression found their voices and spoke THEIR truths?

The women who have co-authored this book share raw, vulnerable experiences that have shaped their journeys throughout life and have endured trauma in various forms. They have also reclaimed themselves, healed through challenges, and now share their truths with the hope that masks of Depression will continue to fall as more and more of our stories begin to be told.

Featured Authors: Taimi Allan, Julia Barton, Jocelyn Bellows, Danielle A. Dittberner, Lindsay Jewell, Lisa Kelly, L. Feig Knipe, Anne Katona Linn, Gloria Masters, Kerri McKinney, Hinewirangi Kohu Morgan, Lisa David Olson, Nefertiti San Miguel, and Tamara Waugh

Julia Barton, Owner of Olive & Bloom, is one of the many beautiful authors of this inspiring book. Her chapter brings you through her darkest days while suffering from postpartum depression and how she came out on the other side, blooming. She talks about her depression and why it was placed upon her and the journey of her finding her true authentic self. Her very story is the reason she created Olive & Bloom.

**By purchasing this book directly from Olive & Bloom and Julia, you are helping create a fund to help support new moms with postpartum care, those who wouldn’t usually be able to afford the service, so THANK YOU!

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